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Step by step guide to use your barcode device (Symbol CS-1504 or Opticon OPN-2001/2002)

  1. Install drivers
    If you plan to connect your device using the USB connection, you must first install the USB to Serial drivers. (If you plan to connect your device using a serial cable you don't need to install any drivers so just skip this step)
  2. Install firmware
    Only needed if you use the Opticon OPN-2002. To be able to connect to the device using the software on this page, you need to put the OPN2002 into OPN2001 simulation mode. In this mode it will work both as OPN2001 using cable and OPN2002 using bluetooth (don't ask me why this isn't the default behaviour). The program you use is called "Appload" and the OPN2001 simulation firmware is currently "RBGV0217_RFG35106.HEX" (locate the newest version at opticon's web page)
  3. Install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5SP1 or newer
    If not already installed.
  4. Download/Run application
    You can choose from running the BarcodeDevice.Net windows application directly from this web page using ClickOnce or downloading it to your own computer. The console version is only downloadable (would not make much sense to run online)


To learn more about how to use the applications see


To learn more about how to program the software yourself see

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